Project Description


I was raised on the Monaro, and although we lived in town in Cooma, I spent most of my childhood at my Grandparents property. My love for all animals started there- although the focus of the farm was the Border Leister and Poll Dorset studs, I was also surrounded by dogs, cats, cattle, horses, chickens, and a range of wildlife that I attempted to rehabilitate- skinks being one of my favourites. This wide range of exposure from a young age has cemented in me that all animals deserve the best quality of care, regardless of if they are a 700kg Clydesdale or a 200g rat.

After finishing high school in Canberra, I applied for and got into a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/ Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, which I started in 2017. I completed a placement at Inner South in my final year and instantly clicked with the team, before being offered a position here after my graduation in 2022. My partner, Steve, our dog-daughter, Bertie (a German Shepherd) and I made the move to Canberra soon after.

Although large animals will always hold a special place in my heart, small animals and exotics are my passion. I am looking forward to meeting all our dog and cat patients and learning more about some of our more unusual pets- Although I do seem to have already become the resident rat vet at the clinic! I am also fear free and stress free certified, so I am happy to help with our more anxious patients.

When not in the clinic you may find me trundling around one of Canberra’s many walking tracks with Bertie, finding cuttings to fuel my plant addiction, making some form of art, or attempting to train my families Miniature Ponies in Cooma.