Frequently asked questions

If you have a question, take a look at our FAQs. If your pet is having an emergency, please contact your clinic directly.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question, take a look at our FAQs. If your pet is having an emergency, please contact your clinic directly.

Is Best For Pet Wellness Plan like insurance?2023-10-19T01:15:40+13:00

No, pet insurance provides cover for accidents and illness in sick or injured pets, while the Best for Pet Wellness Plan is an annual program that provides affordable routine care for your pet not typically covered by pet insurance. Optimal routine care and preventative screening for health issues like disease are essential to maintaining pet health and well-being, which can lead to a longer, happier life.

How long is the waiting period to join?2023-10-19T01:11:14+13:00

There is no waiting period to join – you can start receiving the benefits of Best for Pet Wellness Plan today.

Is there a waiting period to receive benefits?2023-10-19T01:07:39+13:00

If you join up in the clinic, you will have immediate access to your membership and discounts. If you join up online, please allow 2 business days for your membership to be turned on at your chosen vet clinic.

Access to VetChat may take 24/48 hours.

My pet received their vaccinations today. Can I claim my vaccination benefit?2023-10-19T01:10:55+13:00

Yes, you may claim the vaccination benefit against the vaccinations your pet received today.

How many free consultations or revisits can I have with the vet or vet nurse?2023-10-19T01:10:26+13:00

As a Best for Pet Wellness Plan member, you can have as many standard consultations and revisits within standard clinic hours as you like with a vet or a vet nurse (subject to clinic availability). For peace of mind, you also have 24/7 free online access to vet support with VetChat.

*Only available for registered Best for Pet Wellness Plan members, click here for full terms and conditions

Can I use my Best For Pet Wellness Plan at other vet clinics?2023-11-15T03:05:31+13:00

Your membership benefits are associated with your chosen Best for Pet clinic. If you need to visit another Best for Pet clinic for reasons such as travelling or requiring an urgent appointment, you can use your benefits at participating clinics subject to their availability. If you are moving permanently, we can arrange to transfer your membership to another Best for Pet clinic near you. Click here to find participating Best for Pet Clinics.

Don’t forget you also have access to VetChat online consultations 24/7.

How is my membership paid?2023-11-15T01:42:40+13:00

Your Best for Pet Wellness Plan membership is paid in monthly payments. You can sign up either online or at your chosen Best for Pet Wellness Plan clinic.

Your membership fees will be debited monthly by our payment partner, Debit Success.

Can I get a discount for additional pets?2023-10-19T01:08:05+13:00

Yes, additional pets receive over 10% discount off the price of their annual membership. 

How can I update my credit card or debit account details for my monthly payments?2023-11-13T19:03:43+13:00

To update your payment details securely, please get in touch with Debit Success (our 3rd party payment provider) directly:

Australian customers
New Zealand customers

Can I transfer the membership to another pet?2023-10-19T01:07:56+13:00

No, the membership is tailored to each pet and cannot be transferred.

If my pet lives with someone else, can the membership transfer?2023-10-19T01:08:14+13:00

Only memberships paid upfront can transfer between owners. Unfortunately, due to direct debit agreements, memberships cannot be transferred when this is the payment method.

What happens to my membership if my pet passes away?2023-10-19T01:11:43+13:00

In the unfortunate circumstance that your pet passes away, you can terminate the membership and may be eligible for adjustments to remaining fees. Please contact us.

How do I cancel my membership?2023-11-03T22:17:55+13:00

You may cancel your membership at anytime, please see our Terms and Conditions to determine if there will be a cancellation fee and how this is calculated.  Simply notify us in writing via the Cancellation Form.

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