I grew up with my two brothers, riding horses, mustering cattle and looking after chooks, dogs, pigs and poddy calves on my parents’ beef cattle property, near the small country town of Dingo in Central Queensland. My family has always been conscientious about keeping animals healthy, and this combined with my exposure to helping vets perform their services on our property nurtured an interest in animal husbandry.

From about 10 years of age, I had decided that being a vet was the only thing I wanted to do. This saw me graduate in 2007 and pursue my career in mixed practice, before traveling to the UK where I became more focused on small animals and surgery.

I am passionate about building relationships with my clients, and caring as much for their pets, as they do. I have my own horses and enjoy riding and playing polocrosse outside of work. I strive to make a positive difference in people’s and pets’ lives in any way I can.