Alvin has always loved animals and made the decision to become a veterinarian at the age of seven. After graduating from the University of Sydney at the end of 2011, he worked in small animal practices in various locations in Sydney and Perth before joining the fantastic team at Epping Vet Clinic in February 2014. He likes all aspects of working at Epping but particularly enjoys the consulting side of being a vet, which allows him the opportunity to meet a variety of new people and their wonderful pets. His particular interest is in treating conditions related to skin and hormonal diseases.

Alvin was born in Sydney and grew up and was educated locally. He is able to speak fluent English and Cantonese with moderate proficiency in Mandarin. Outside of his work at Epping, he is a music lover and enjoys learning to play different musical instruments in his spare time. He loves birds as well as mammals and has a cockatiel at home named Whistle.