BVSc (Hons) GCertBiofab MANZCVS (Radiology) FANZCVS (Surgery)

Dan graduated as a veterinarian from The University of Sydney in 2002. He worked in general practice with dogs, cats, cows as well as the occasional deer, horse, sheep, hamster, pig or fish while working in New Zealand, several Australian states and the United Kingdom before moving into referral practice.

Following a surgical internship and residency training, he became a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists and Specialist in Small Animal Surgery. Dan is trained in all areas of veterinary surgery but has specific clinical interests and experience in orthopaedics, particularly joint replacement. He is active in orthopaedic research and maintains collaborative relationships to bring advanced and emerging technologies to his patients. He has studied biofabrication (3D printing of body parts) and hopes to be able to solve some major disease challenges with these new technologies.

Outside of work, Dan is kept very busy by a big family with four children, three dogs (a rescue greyhound and two Afghans) and a cat (long haired ginger). Dr Dan has featured on TV shows, including ‘The Supervet’ and ‘Bondi Vet’.

Dan’s current research pursuits include ‘Osseointegrated transcutaneous amputation prostheses: Adapting human technology to allow dogs and cats to walk after amputation’, musculotendenous healing in dogs, bone plate and screw biomechanics, and TPLO plate design.