A lovely, young local boy has recently joined our team.  Eythan graduated with his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 2020 from Melbourne Uni.  After a difficult COVID year of not being able to do clinical placements, Eythan has graduated with many practical skills.   The credit for this must be given to his local clinic where he was a Veterinary Nurse, whilst studying.  This type of role gives great insight into the expectation of general practice and also exposes graduates to everyday protocols in clinic.  The knowledge that he gained from this type of role is invaluable.

In his spare time Eythan enjoys variety.  He plays indoor soccer, basketball and loves a fishing trip. In the family home they are beekeepers and also house sheds of Gouldian Finch aviaries.  Gouldian Finches are colourful, rainbow finches that are native to Australia.  They are known as ‘passerine’ meaning they are perching birds with 3 toes pointing forward and 1 toe directed backwards.  They also share their home with Lulu, the 5-year-old Whippet, who is known to suffer from anxiety.

Eythan is a Veterinarian that connects with clients.  He is a great communicator and advocates for his patients by treating the owner and pet with dignity and understanding. 

In clinic, Eythan’s humour is always tested. We like to tease him as the new graduate, just to keep him alert and the daily banter has him second guessing whether the joke is on him or we are genuine.  To his credit, he takes it all in good spirit until we get to the ‘mum’ jokes with his home-made meals!

Eythan is a great addition to our team.  He is reliable, methodical and genuinely interested in his patient’s welfare.  He is available at Greensborough on a full-time basis.