Jess graduated from Melbourne University in 2006. (Yes, she is Australian, but did live in Dunedin for few years as a teenager.) Since graduating, she has mostly worked with companion animals, but has also worked with shelter animals, street dogs and in mixed practice.

Jess really enjoys soft tissue surgery, ultrasounding things, and anything involving pus. She also loves emergency work, and currently also works at an emergency vet clinic on nights and weekends. Finally, she is trying to finish her Master’s in Veterinary Public Health.

Jess lives with a big dopey huntaway-cross (John), a small dopey Tibetan spaniel (Toby), a failed foster kitten (Elsa/Silkie), and a fur-less 5yo (Reuben). Jess has loved living in Auckland the last 2.5 years, and has really enjoyed exploring the North Island.