I am the owner and founder of the clinic which my partner Karen and I started in May 2001.

I started the clinic at a time when I had been offered a partnership in a large multi practice group but I felt like there were not equal partnerships and could see that it would not be the right fit for me.

I lived at Lewiston on 5 acres as I had an interest in breeding greyhounds and at the time Two Wells was the local town servicing the animal husbandry area and there was no vet.  I saw an opportunity and with a limited budget set up the clinic in the main street.

I became a Veterinarian as I was always involved with horses.  I used to ride in gymkhanas, one day events, picnic races and competed ever since I could remember at the Royal show. I went to Vet School with little intention of becoming a vet. I was only really interested in training race horses.

I graduated from high school in 1989 from St Peters College.  I was accepted into medicine at both Flinders and Adelaide University but deferred for a year to ride BMX bikes professionally and as a result of my interest in horses went to Sydney University to study vet science.

My special interests are sports medicine, which involves physical examination, diagnosis of injury, treatment of injury and preventative medicine. Preventative medicine involves having a broad understanding of physical conditioning, exercise physiology, a wide variety of treatment modalities such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and modern techniques and methods that are continuing to become available such as stem cells, shockwave and laser therapy.

As a result of my involvement in sports medicine animals I have developed an interest in reproduction, orthopaedic surgery and Traditional Chinese Medicine to have a wider understanding of how to better prevent and resolve problems.

I have many pets, but my favourite is the house cat Minnie.  She is always looking for a smooch no matter what type of day I have had and how I am feeling.

I am interested in developing myself to be the best I am capable of being. I am interested in investing, developing goals and plans and then achieving them. I would like to see the Adelaide Plains Vet Surgery become the “Northern Referral Clinic “ in Adelaide and we are developing a team and facility that is well on the way to achieving this.