Dr Karen has completed additional study and qualifications in Veterinary Behaviour Medicine. She has a keen interest in behavioural medicine for dogs and cats. She has been working in general practice for over 10 years and enjoys helping pets live happier, less stressful lives. Karen has recently passed post graduate examinations held by the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists and she was admitted as a Member in Veterinary Behaviour (MANZCVS). This is an official recognition of a veterinarian’s knowledge and experience in a designated field of veterinary science.

Behaviour concerns are often complex and always require an individual approach, which Karen is committed to in order to help improve our pets’ quality of life and the bond between pets and their families. Veterinary behaviour consults are extended consults where we can discuss what behavioural changes or concerns you may have about your pet, what factors might be contributing, and how to help and improve the concerns you have. There are many behaviours that can best addressed with a behaviour consultation, including but not limited to: separation distress/anxiety, noise reactions/phobias, fear of places/experiences (such as grooming, vet visits, travel), human directed aggression, dog/cat directed aggression, abnormal toileting behaviour, general fearfulness or anxiety, behavioural changes in senior pets, excessive reactivity to various things, excessive barking/destruction, and repetitive behaviours. Please contact the clinic to arrange an appointment or find out more about this service.