Dr Marcus Hayes is the practice principal. He graduated from Melbourne University in 1993 with honours. Marcus originally worked at Leongatha then Whittlesea in mixed practice until 1998. From then until 2006 Marcus worked in private small animal practices and developed a passion for overall pet wellness, and client communication when it came to illness and injury.

Marcus has developed a highly skilled team of dedicated veterinarians who are of the same philosophy that a little less emphasis on the “marketing” aspects of veterinary science, and a little more emphasis on “preventative” health is advantageous for our pets long term health.

Having most of our clients swap unnecessary “preventative” medicines that are not needed for “pet insurance” instead has allowed not only healthier pets, but allows our team far more scope to do whatever is needed when our pets become ill or injured.

Modern Veterinary Medicine continues to evolve in an exciting way. The number of illnesses and injuries we can treat and cure compared to 10 years ago is staggering, and Southern Animal Health strives to be at the forefront of these advances yet at the same time encourage a more moderate approach with respect to routine health and the advertising that goes with it in order to “maximise” our pets health.

In the first few years of establishing Southern Animal Health and Dingley Village Veterinary Clinic Marcus has assembled a team of like minded, skilled and compassionate veterinarians and nurses who work together to offer clients outstanding veterinary services and communication.

Meet the rest of the team that Marcus has assembled and feel free to call and discuss any area of pet health with Marcus, or any of the veterinary or nursing staff.