Max graduated from the University of Queensland in 1990. Immediately working in mixed practice in Darwin and small animal practice in Brisbane before coming to Cairns in February of 1993 and opening his own small animal practice in Brinsmead in 1997 after a short stint at being a mobile vet in Cairns and surrounds.

During this time Max has completed many courses of further education in dermatology, opthalmology, emergency medicine, laparoscopy, advanced surgical and orthopaedic techniques, dentistry, ultrasonography, practice management, advanced care of tick paralysis patients, feline medicine and surgery, abdominal surgery, thoracic medicine and cardiology.  

From this training Max has developed special interests and skills in all aspects of orthopaedic surgery enabling him to provide state of the art care for patients with broken bones and in particular cruciate ligament injuries, the commonest form of hindlimb lameness in dogs. Through Max’s special training in laporoscopy, at Balaclava we can now offer keyhole surgery for chest and abdominal investigations as well as nasal and ear scope examinations.

Dermatology, opthalmology, dentistry and soft tissue surgery are other areas Max has developed a keen interest and skills in.

Away from work Max enjoys spending time with his wife, four children, cockatiel, Chihuahua and greyhound. His hobbies revolve around personal fitness (having completed the Pyramid race three times) and home renovations.