Since venturing into the practice by himself in 1980, Robert has turned Vineyard Veterinary Hospital into one of the most well known and admired practices of the area. Rob has dedicated his life to not only caring for animals but also teaching others to enjoy that similar passion. Known for his media work in such programs as A Country Practice, Burkes Backyard and 2GB, Dr Zammit’s first love is veterinary science with a special interest in small animal reproduction work. He lives on the premises with his family, including the numerous pets roaming around.

What Do You Love About What You Do?

I just love helping people and their animals. I really get attached to each pet. I thank god for the gift to be able to relate to animals, understand their needs, and in my own way talk to them.

Its exciting when we do a caesarian as you are helping to bring a new life into the world. At the other end of the scale I hate euthanasia. I know that the time when the pet and family need me most. The day I become complacent about this is the day I will quit veterinary science.

I really am exciting about learning the new frontiers in veterinary science like stem cell therapy. It doesn’t work in all cases, however when it does the results are miraculous.

But the thing I get the greatest pleasure from is when people say thank you because their once ailing pet is well again. I often get goosebumps as I see the family and their pet leave the surgery happy.