Local boy Ryan grew up in the north eastern suburb of Ivanhoe, where he was also educated.  He graduated Dux of his year and followed up with a Bachelor of Science which gave him entry into Veterinary Medicine at Melbourne University.

 As a 2018 graduate, Ryan Oakley comes to Greensborough after having done placements in a variety of practices.  This includes a dermatology specialist clinic, mixed practice, cardiologists, along with general practice.

Outside of work, Ryan is casually teaching himself to speak Spanish.  According to himself he is at conversational level. In his own words he enjoys “watching terrible movies”, spending “lots of time with my cat” and “spending even more time with my girlfriend”.  This explains some of Ryan’s quirky sense of humour.  He shares his home with his girlfriend and their Russian Blue cat called Leopold, who is their obsession.  They are hoping to add to their family shortly by getting a sibling for Leopold.  He also enjoys online gaming as a source of stress relief.

In clinic, Ryan prides himself on effective communication, with older clients who are unfamiliar with technical detail and need a ‘down to earth’ explanation.   He likes to talk through problems and provide solutions with clients.  This is showing through in his consultations. Ryan is diligent in the explanation of his diagnosis.  He explains things in layman’s terms and gives clients the treatment options and then suggests the best course of action for the individual case.

Ryan is fitting into our team, with a little teasing from our part, like he has been with us for a while.  He has an open sense of humour but has passion in a conversation for what he believes in, whether that is sport, politics or the news topic of the day.  Ryan is available at Greensborough on a full-time basis.