Meet Vincent: Your Compassionate Partner in Pet Care

Vincent’s journey with the Flemington Vets began in early 2019 when he joined us as a locum veterinarian. He became a permanent member of our team in 2020, taking on the role of lead vet. In his current capacity, Vincent wears two important hats: he spends his days tending to the health of our beloved patients and also lends his expertise to the management side of our practice.

Having graduated from the University of Melbourne’s vet school in 2011, Vincent’s dedication to the field led him to pursue further education. In 2015, he successfully completed a clinical masters program in small animal practice from Murdoch University, solidifying his proficiency in veterinary care.

From a young age, Vincent knew that working with animals was his calling. His journey started in Cairns, QLD, where he began shaping his career. Seeking new experiences, he ventured to the UK, where he worked as a locum vet for several years. He even did a stint in the Himalayas of India where he volunteered for a neutering program.

Vincent’s expertise encompasses various aspects of veterinary medicine, including canine and feline internal medicine, behaviour, soft tissue surgery, and preventative care. He approaches pet health with a proactive mindset, aiming to prevent issues before they arise. If you’re seeking guidance for your furry friend’s health, Vincent is always ready to assist.

Vincent’s passions extend far beyond our clinic walls and he always seems to be learning something new. Whether it’s cultivating his plants, maintaining his fitness, crafting stained glass pieces, or painting pet portraits, Vincent just can’t sit still. He is currently studying digital marketing and learning about bee keeping.

Vincent looks forward to guiding the Flemington Vet Hospital into exciting new directions. He can’t wait to connect with the pets that bring joy to our community and is thrilled to meet your beloved companions. Check out a day in the life of Dr Vincent here.

Pictured with Vincent is his dog: Deni – who is also our office manager.