Michael is the owner of Hurlstone Park Veterinary Hospital and has worked here continuously since the 1980s. He enjoys all aspects of veterinary practice and has a lot of experience and expertise in surgery and medicine. Michael has a special interest in animal acupuncture and has treated a vast number of patients over the past 20 years, offering another option for most muscular-skeletal conditions including arthritis, degenerative joint disease etc. On days off he is usually involved in the teaching and workplace assessment of student veterinary nurses in the Sydney metropolitan area. Michael was also a honorary committee member of the NSW Canine Research Foundation for twenty years, including eight years as vice president. He is an Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Committee Member and he was the 2017 NSW AVA president.

Michael’s outside interests include rugby, surfing, skiing, squash, and of course his animals. He has a delightful Great Dane named Elsa who can barely fit in his car and a happy Labrador named Wally. Wally looks up to Elsa as his big sister and follows her everywhere. Elsa enjoys Wally’s company but occasionally reminds him she is the “top dog”.