Pet Doctors West Harbour Veterinary Clinic has been part of the landscape of West Harbour for more than 30 years and was originally started as a small branch clinic in 1985. Since then, we have grown into a modern and busy clinic for small companion animals. Our modern clinic is well equipped to serve your pets’ needs. We have a wide range of diagnostic laboratory equipment as well as intravenous fluid pumps, blood pressure monitoring and pulse oximetry to enable us to diagnose and treat your pets’ medical and surgical conditions. We also have digital x-ray radiography onsite. We have a comprehensive pharmacy and have access to a wide range of treatment options for your animals if required. Our team of dedicated, caring, compassionate and highly trained Veterinary Nurses are driven to provide the best care possible for your pets. We pride ourselves in being a friendly, caring and compassionate team offering quality and up to date veterinary care for your pets.

Routine Services

  • General Vet Care
  • Cat & Dog Dentistry
  • Vaccination
  • Microchipping
  • Onsite Pathology
  • Dietary Advice

This clinic offers the Best for Pet Wellness Plan providing care services essential for maintaining your pet’s health and wellbeing. Learn more

Meet the team

Customer reviews

Very friendly and helpful. We had a vet who knew our dog, which is always good (this is not always the case). This vet found that we had missed a vaccination, and gave it to our dog.
Dan Mills
This place is amazing! The staff are compassionate, caring and super helpful! They go above and beyond to help make things that little bit easier during such a stressful time.
Our new little fur baby puppy started looking lethargic and we were lucky to secure a cancelled appointment at the Hobsonville Clinic. The staff were very friendly and efficient and we felt in good hands with Dr Morana. She gave us good advice as we haven’t had a puppy for 14 years. Little Bambam has bounced back this morning and we look forward to making this his regular health clinic.
Nadine Barnes

Opening hours

After hours emergency

Animal EmergencyAuckland West Get Directions

Please call in advance for emergency services.

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